Subscription Addiction:My Ipsy GlamBag Subscription

Yes!!! After 3 long months waiting I finally got hold of my Ipsy Glam Bags! A big thanks to my aunt, who have been spoiling me endlessly ever since 🙂

Anyway just quick story how I got to know Ipsy, I was browsing through Kathleenlights Youtube videos (Another Beauty Vlogger I follow)  and there I saw lots of  IpsyBag Unboxing Video then I was hooked.

What is Ipsy?  Ipsy is a monthly subscription Bag created by Michelle Phan.  “ipsy” comes from the Latin word ipse, meaning “sense of self.”

Each month you will receive a Themed Glam Bag that contains 4-5 beauty products; it can be on a samples or full sized. I like that you can get high-end products on it as well plus the bags are really pretty 😍.

All for only $10 a month. (around 500Php) Shipping is free in the U.S. and USD $4.95 for Canada.

Sadly they are only currently shipping to the U.S. and Canada. So I have to ask my aunt to subscribe on my behalf, you can do the same if you got a family member or friends living in US. Lets just hope and pray that they will soon expand and hopefully to include Asia (fingers-crossed). Cos they mentioned in their website that – In the future, they may expand to other regions, so stay tuned! (Im definitely looking forward to that)

To start your subscription you will first take a quiz – so they can create your Ipsy Glam Bag according to your preference.

I like that you can  monitor and track your Ipsy Bag once it’s shipped out, and you can have a preview of whats in your bag in their website. You can also earn points just by reviewing the products you have received and use these points to purchase products they are offering.

Pretty much the value of your GlamBag is higher than your subscription cost so it’s worth it and you get to try different products monthly. I have 3 Ipsy Bags; July, August and September and I’m really excited to share with you it’s content 🙂 So stay tuned for my next blog post!

Til then…


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