My Skin Journey

It has been a while since my last post, been really busy with work since we are all working overtime preparing for the holiday rush orders.

I have been drafting this and some few posts since last Nov 1 and I only got time to finally finish it today. So here it goes…

Like so many human being  I have been suffering from acne & blemishes as long as I remember, to be more exact I started having acne a year after I had my first period and it was also around the time I started using whitening cream which made things worst!

For the past years, I had tried almost everything — drugstore products, high-end products, medicines and going to different skin clinics but to no avail 😦 My self-esteem and self-confidence has been affected as you can imagine. I often cover my face with my hair. Bangs has been my bestfriend but it has really been bad for my skin, causes more acne on my forehead. Sometimes days before my period is when my skin would breakout. It came to the point that I would sometimes cry myself to sleep, feel so depressed and to the extent that I would miss school, or until now work because I do not want to get out of the house. ( yes!that bad)

When I was in college I tried to face and solve my skin problem. I went to a dermatologist that prescribed birth control pills to reduce my breakout and it worked although occassionally I would still have few pimple but its more bearable. It have few side effects like my eating pattern, I feel bloated and tired a lot of times. I became so dependent on it even though I know that it was unhealthy after reading few articles about it. So I tried to get off of it and the acne came back and it was like double whammy! My skin breakout really bad.

Luckily I was introduced by a family friend to another dermatologist which was quite expensive; I was given a face injection, put on an acne diet and a very strong oral medicine (I fogot the name). I was diagnosed that the root cause of my skin problem was hormonal imbalance. The treatment worked perfectly, it was my clearest and best skin I had ever had but since the whole treatment program was expensive I was not able to continue so I went back to birth control pills since it was a lot more cheaper which was a bad choice…

Birth control pills, even though I was using the same brand did not work like it used to. It became worse when I started working. I started having breakouts in my chest and back but taking birth control pills is better than taking nothing at all. Years of being on and off pills I finally stopped taking it after being diagnosed with ovarian cysts, my Ob Gyn has stopped me from taking it, of course the outcome is very predictable.

Finally stopping from taking birth control pills for the past few years I had the worst skin breakouts – on my face,back and chest… I also had start having scars…

Its just crazy! It has been affecting my life badly and I had finally decided to put an end to this. I have decided that for the remaining month of 2016 will be about my health. No more excuses, just actions to have a healthier and glowing skin. It’s my top priority. I dont want my skin problems stopping me from being the best I can be and to experience life to the fullest. A 360 degrees change in lifestyle.

I will be sharing my journey to a healthier life and clearer skin 🙂


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